Each of our funerals are individual and special, in testimony to a person's life

We will personally take care of everything for you and guide you through the various stages of the funeral arrangements. As experienced funeral directors, we are here to support you during this difficult time by making all the necessary arrangements.

We understand the importance of knowing that your loved one is in good hands so we place emphasis on professionalism, care and consideration. We believe each funeral should be individual and special, in testimony to a person's life. We aim to be entirely accommodating of your wishes and offer our expertise, care and support at all times.

Private Chapel

Radcliffe Funeral Services - Private Chapel

We have private chapels of rest where you can spend time as a family or alone with your loved one if you wish.


Radcliffe Funeral Services - Flowers

We appreciate that there are elements of the funeral that you may wish to arrange yourself. Some people prefer to order their own flowers, whilst others prefer that we do.


Radcliffe Funeral Services - Catering

We can organise catering at your home or at a venue you may wish to use.

Remembrance Jewellery

Radcliffe Funeral Services - Remembrance Jewellery

Ashes can be made in to coloured glass paperweights and set within a range of beautiful jewellery as a cherished memory of your loved one.

Funeral Costs

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